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These days most people rely on online shopping, and while it is certainly convenient to get things delivered right to your door without having to step foot in a store, not all purchases live up to expectations, and that can prove quite costly!

A new survey finds:

  • Americans will spend an average of $899 a year on disappointing online purchases.
  • That translates to wasting over $70,000 over the course of a lifetime.
  • The most common purchases folks are left disappointed by include:
    • Clothing (60%)
    • Tech (27%)
    • Toys/kid products (25%)
  • The top reasons folks have been left disappointed by a product include:
    • Quality (64%)
    • Size (46%)
    • Color (31%)
  • So, what do most people do with these unsatisfactory online purchases?
  • 56% of people do indeed return them, but that’s certainly not everybody.
  • 30% of people will throw them out.
  • 29% of people will give them away as gifts.

Of course one way to lessen the chance of disappointment is to read online reviews, but whether they are trustworthy is another story.

  • 65% of people say they rely on online reviews.
  • 51% of people say they are more likely to trust bad reviews than good ones.
  • Plus, the average person wants to see a minimum of 20 online reviews before they consider them trustworthy.

I recently bought the sandblaster bug killer gun, it had good reviews and is just awful haha. 40 bucks wasted!

Source: SWNS Digital