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Did you hear about Spirit Airlines cancelling and delaying hundreds of flights? I hope you weren’t one of those passenger caught off guard. This article might be old news but it makes you wonder if we should have a plan B somewhere in our itinerary. News reports and YouTube videos have been surfacing all over talking about all the upset and in some cases irate people affected by Spirit Airlines.┬áSpirt Airlines cancelled 269 flights and delayed 132 flights on Sunday August 1, 2021, leaving thousands of people stranded across the country. In a statement a spokesperson for the company blamed the cancellations and delays on bad weather and other unspecified operational changes.

The airline told CNN it was proactively canceling flights because of “overlapping operational challenges including weather, system outages and staffing shortages in some areas.”┬áPressure on Spirit’s schedule had been building for about a week, a source familiar with the airline’s operations said. Delays, including from multiple thunderstorm systems, had pushed flight crews past the number of hours they may work under federal safety rules. The scramble to find a new crew for individual flights eventually tapped out the replacement crews’ hours, too. Let’s have plan B if possible because those delayed flights caused so much stress and pandemonium!

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