Pour one shot of Belle Isle Honey Habenero Premium Moonshine into a high ball glass of ice

Warning: This isn’t for those with a weak stomach! A TikTok user took a drink from what he thought was a beauty applicator or a shot glass. However, after asking followers, he found out it wasn’t at all what he thought. The TikTok user, who goes by the username @dduche, made a TikTok showing him taking a drink from his girlfriend’s menstrual cup.

In the video, which was viewed over 30 million times, the man is seen drinking while asking for help to identify the object. “What kind of make-up device is my girlfriend using? Is this for, like, application? No. Why does it have a tail? This feels illegal to have,” he says.

The comments lit up after he asked for answers. One user wrote, “I can’t count how many times I yelled ‘NOOOOO’ at my cell while watching this.” Another wrote, “Men, this is why you need to keep out of women’s things – you’re going to get hurt.”

@dduche posted a response video after that and watch his reaction when he figures out it’s a menstrual cup.

Have you ever mistaken a common household item for a woman’s beauty or personal product? Send me your story at lexi@kiss951.com!

Source: LatinTimes

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