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Now that a lot of people are working remotely that means they are no longer tied to a city for their job. There are some small towns counting on that to bring in new residents, and they’re offering a pretty huge incentive – money!

A growing number of cities are offering folks a nice chunk of change to move to their towns in order to boost their economies. For example, Northwest Arkansas is offering as much as $20,000 to move there. Other cities are offering added incentives, like $1,000 in free Jimmy Johns in Topeka.  Or a year of free ziplining, rock-climbing and white-water rafting in West Virginia.

And they are not alone. While only about a dozen of communities were offering folks incentives to move there pre-pandemic, that number is now up to 45, including Southwest Michigan and Morgantown and even Honolulu, Hawaii.

But don’t think you can just take the money, stay a month or two and leave. Almost all of the deals require new residents to stay at least a year or two, many have a minimum income and some even require new transplants to buy a house.

I’d move to Honolulu without the incentive haha!

Source: USA Today