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Wait….HUH?! No, you read that title right. This man in Indonesia married his fiancé, but not before his ex-girlfriend also asked if he would marry her…at the wedding. And he said yes…to both women.

Korik Akbar from Lombok Tengah, Indonesia planned to marry his fiancé, Nur Khusnul Kotimah. They planned to marry after the Merariq ritual, where the groom ‘kidnaps’ the bride and takes her to his family’s house, only with the consent of her family.

It was at Akbar’s family’s house where things got a little shaken up. The couple had just arrived at Akbar’s family’s home when Akbar’s former girlfriend from 2016, Yunita Ruri, came to the house to ask him to marry her also. Which is probably the most epic way to get your ex back, right?

Akbar said he felt shocked to hear Ruri wanted to marry him. After talking with his family, he decided to marry both women at the wedding ceremony.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen at a wedding? If you were the fiancé, what would you have thought?

Source: TimesNowNews

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