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Standing where Camden Rd and Tremont Ave meet you will find this great view of Uptown.

One streetlight at a time, Charlotte is getting a bit brighter thanks to a local man. Ross Brigman is making it his mission to repair streetlights around Charlotte.

Brigman goes out every weeknight , even on top of his 40-hours-a-week job, and looks for streetlights that need repairs. According to FOX46, there are over 74,000 streetlights in the Queen City. The city does not have a full-time person to report broken lights to Duke Energy so sometimes street lights can left unattended for long times when they need repairs.

Brigman has taken on this job of searching for broken street lights. He will ride his scooter around, and tag lights with an orange tag that need to be fixed. So far, since starting in 2020, nearly 2,000 lights have been repaired, and a new non-profit has formed out of it; Project Safe & Bright.

When asked about why he does this by FOX46, Brigman say’s this,

“This isn’t project light up Charlotte, this is an actual non-profit where we are focused on safety and crime prevention and having the street lights work”