Gwen Stefani photoshopped an old picture of her husband Blake Shelton from a CMA Red carpet from back in 2003 when Blake was married to his first wife Kaynette Williams. She put a photo of herself alongside her now-husband and made it her Twitter profile picture.

Gwen posted simply, “#NewProfilePic.”

Some fans on Twitter responded with anger suggesting that Stefani took Kaynette out of the photo, even though the original photo was just Blake by himself.

One fan said, “Photoshop fail and disrespectful to Kaynette Williams,” while another one wrote, “Photoshopped photos don’t take his past away… his first wife is an extremely good woman that he wronged.”

Many fans supported Gwen with one saying, “OMG…why is there so much unnecessary criticism and judgment… it’s their lives to do whatever they want with and have fun with… not everything has to be so serious… is it affecting your life or hurting you in any way? If not then who cares… geez lighten up people.”

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