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The stereotype of early 20s drinkers is that they’re nothing, but binge drinkers that couldn’t care less what they’re putting to their lips as long as there’s more of it. But that’s just not what Gen Z is all about. According to a new survey by The Drink Business, the youngest legal drinkers are also among the most thoughtful.

The Drink Business says Gen Z likes to spend their booze money on companies raising up communities that have been held down for too long. The survey found “nearly one-third of Gen Z buyers polled cited minority-ownership as their biggest purchase driver apart from price.” This also means they’re doing some serious Googling before swiping their credit card. Hope the liquor store has free wifi.

Another thing that these young drinkers say they care deeply about is sustainability. More of Gen Z than any other generation said environmental track record was a driving force for their alcohol brand selection. In fact, they doubled the number of Baby Boomers that said a company being green made a difference in their purchase.

Source: The Drinks Business