I understand the past 18 months have had a huge impact on the sheer number of packages ordered and shipped. I am sympathetic to that even. But I do have to say out of all the issues I have had, consistently the USPS was the common denominator. And if things weren’t slow enough, mail delivery will get slower on Oct. 1st. Yes, it’s about to get even slower. Starting Oct. 1st, the USPS will slow down the delivery of first-class mail, expanding the timeframe from 1-3 days 1-5 days.   The reason for the delay?  A shift from air delivery to ground delivery, which is slower but more reliable. Which with the number of packages I’ve had lost I do actually support. While the majority of first-class mail will still be delivered within 3 days, some states will see longer delays – including most western states, along with Florida and Southern Texas. Even if mail delivery is slower, I’d like to know my packages aren’t lost. Do you still use the Post Office to send mail, or go with third-party delivery services like UPS or FedEx? I wish when you ordered something online you could select which carrier you’d like. That would be ideal!

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