It’s a step. Medical Marijuana is legal in one part of North Carolina. Thursday, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has approved growing, selling, and using medical marijuana on its lands in Western NC. This makes the territory the first location in North Carolina to legalize medical cannabis. According to a statement from Principle Cheif Richard Sneed, the decision reflects “the changing attitudes toward legal marijuana and a recognition of the growing body of evidence that supports cannabis as medicine.”

At this time using cannabis for medical reasoning is legal in 36 US states, additionally, 18 states, as well as DC, allow recreational marijuana. Currently, Senate Bill 711, is in the Senate committee. The bill would legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina. The Senate Finance Committee approved the bill in July. It has bipartisan support and looks like it has a good chance to eventually pass. Do you think medical marijuana should be legal in NC? What about recreational marijuana?

Source News and Observer