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LISBON, PORTUGAL - AUGUST 14: Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona looks dejected during the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich at Estadio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica on August 14, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo by Manu Fernandez/Pool via Getty Images)

Even if you don’t know soccer very well, you probably have heard of Lionel Messi. He’s played nearly 800 games and scored over 600 goals since 2000 for Barcelona.

Well, social media went full blown “Bring him to Charlotte” as soon as it was announced he was leaving Barcelona and becoming a free agent.

Even the official Intsa account for the Charlotte FC got in on it.

Although it’s very unlikely that the Argentinean legend ever steps foot into Bank of America Stadium, you can never count out money.

We all know the owner of the Panthers and Charlotte FC; David Tepper has plenty of money to go around. Tepper is reportedly worth 14.5 billion dollars. So technically if he wanted to make a splash by signing Messi he sure could.

The question would be, does Messi want to do it? I don’t know a ton about soccer, but I do know that the Premier League is waaaaay more competitive than the MLS.  But Messi is also 34 and maybe the attraction of the money and easier completion would convince to make Charlotte home for a while.

Either way, it was surprising to many that he was unsigned. Also, either way I’ll be at the “Bank” pulling for the Charlotte FC at their first game!