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I’m not sure what to think about ghosts. There’s so many different haunting stories it’s hard to believe they’re all real. I’m a big evidence person. Well a couple in England may have the best evidence I’ve ever seen.

Lainey and Ben live in a small house in England…soon after they moved in, weird things started happening. So they installed cams around their house.

They set cameras up all over the place, and wow did they catch some hardcore poltergeists! According to the Daily Mail  the couple used a psychic medium to help them. The medium told them the ghost’s name was “Dave.” Apparently, Dave was killed in a car accident not far from the house. Apparently, he wasn’t happy about dying and is using Lainey and Ben’s pad to show it haha!

For real tho, these video’s are creepy af!

Here’s just a sample (and yes, these things happen when they’re home, too)

What do you think? Are these Real? Or just another elaborate TikTok hoax?