Jerilee Melo is the preschool teacher from Santa Clarita, California that had the idea to turn an old school bus into a 70s themed mobile classroom.

When COVID-19 hit in the middle of the school year, Melo’s students had some trouble. Their parents kept asking Melo to tutor them and so she did. But, eventually, in her small Nissan Cube, all the books, markers, worksheets, and other materials began to pile and pile and pile.

This is when she had the idea to buy a bus, which would give her much more room to teach the way she needed to. She bought the bus for $5,500 and then had wooden benches installed for her students to sit on.

After that, Melo knew she needed to add more, and she knew just who to go to for help. Brittany Jeltema, and her crew, had done many classroom makeovers in the past that Melo had seen and liked.

So, Jeltema and her team made the trip from Ohio to California to help flip Melo’s new mobile classroom. And what it turned out to be will blow your mind.

The whole makeover took 4 days. And not only did Jeltema and her team strive for nice aesthetics, but their main goal was child safety and functionality.

Now, Melo takes her class to public parks and just about anywhere else they want to go!

For more pictures of the finished classroom, check out this Insider article or Jerilee Melo’s Instagram @theclassroomtogo.

Source: Insider

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