Feeling nostalgic about movie night but worried about the Delta variant? A backyard, drive-in, or dive-in theater is your next best option. But which cities promise the best outdoor movie experience?

Lawn Love ranked over 150 of the largest U.S. cities to determine the Best Cities for Outdoor Movies. They looked for cities with drive-in theaters, other outdoor screening venues, and nice weather. For a good backyard watch party, they also looked for big yards and access to A/V equipment rentals.

Check out the blockbusters (and Razzie winners) of outdoor movie cities below, followed by surprising findings from their data. Please note that due to wildfires currently making it unsafe to be outdoors in California cities and Boise, Idaho, we excluded these cities from our ranking.

Seven of the 10 best cities in our ranking hail from the South. Besides Fort Lauderdale, our top acts include cities like Midland, Texas (No. 2), Chattanooga, Tennessee (No. 4), Macon, Georgia (No. 7), and Winston-Salem, North Carolina (No. 9).


2021’s Best Cities for Outdoor Movies*
Rank City
1 Fort Lauderdale, FL
2 Midland, TX
3 Overland Park, KS
4 Chattanooga, TN
5 Baton Rouge, LA
6 Murfreesboro, TN
7 Macon, GA
8 Thornton, CO
9 Winston-Salem, NC
10 Honolulu, HI
2021’s Worst Cities for Outdoor Movies*
Rank City
144 Aurora, CO
145 Baltimore, MD
146 Pittsburgh, PA
147 New Orleans, LA
148 Philadelphia, PA
149 Boston, MA
150 Seattle, WA
151 Yonkers, NY
152 New York, NY
153 Chicago, IL





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