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A company in the U.K. recently did a humorous new study looking at “Karens” around the globe. Just in case you don’t know, “Karen” is a not-so-nice nickname for a middle-aged woman who complains endlessly, acts entitled and demands to speak to a manager. And this new research from Bionic identifies not only where you’re most likely to find a Karen, but also the top real names for women who complain the most and are most likely to become a future Karen.

Bionic started by looking at the most Karen-like incidents around the world by analyzing more than a million reviews on Trustpilot, which is used for customer feedback by brands around the world. They then matched up the names of the top complainers to see what their real names are and where they’re most active. And it turns out, the biggest “Karens” aren’t actually named Karen. The study finds the top name for women most likely to complain around the world – the name with the most Karen-like traits – is Louise.

Ann and Jane are next, but Karen actually makes the top 10, coming in at number eight. And on the flip side, the research also looks at the women’s names that were least likely to complain and display Karen-like behavior and those are Lisa and Emma. Bionic also determined the countries with the most women named Louise – the top complainer – and the places with the most women actually named Karen. The U.S. comes in top for both and the state with the most Karens is California, followed by Texas and New York.

Source: Forbes