Multiple people across several states have been sickened by an E. coli outbreak linked to cake mix. A total of 16 people from 12 different states have been affected, according to the CDC.  Seven of the victims were hospitalized, while one suffered kidney failure. Several of the victims reported tasting raw cake batter – which the CDC recommends against doing.  I am very guilty of that, the batter is the best part! Authorities are now looking into where the tainted cake batter came from and what brands it may have been sold under. So far those affected have reported eating different brands and varieties of cake mix. Baking kills any bacteria that may be present which is why it is recommended not to eat the war batter. Even still I think I will continue to taste the batter, it’s just so good!  Will this E.Coli outbreak from cake mix make you hesitant to lick that spoon?