Last Thursday, nursing instructor Joyce Floyd and her students traveled to the Olive Garden in Gastonia, NC. They wanted to celebrate the successful end of their 2-month long clinical program. In the middle of their meal, a restaurant employee came running and told them another employee was choking.

Nurse Floyd ran to the kitchen in the back of the restaurant and started the Heimlich maneuver. After a little while, the employee was still choking so Nurse Floyd ran to get her student Madeline Hare to complete the maneuver.

The problem was Nurse Floyd was simply too short compared to the employee and Madeline was much taller. Nurse Floyd guided Madeline as she performed the Heimlich and after five thrusts, the man was able to breathe again.

According to WSOC, when asked about the incident, Madeline said, “During the procedure the adrenaline took over and I don’t even remember thinking — I was just doing…After the procedure, I thought, ‘Did that just happen? My family will never believe this!’ And then my hands were shaking and I was so overwhelmed by what had just happened. I could not believe it was real.

Madeline had never performed the Heimlich before, but she didn’t ask questions and did what her instructor told her to, which saved the man’s life.

Source: WSOC

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