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The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in supply chain problems across nearly every industry, from furniture to household appliances. Now, the liquor and beer industries are feeling the squeeze…Still. In particular, here in North Carolina, and also Ohio, Vermont, and South Dakota have been experiencing alcohol shortages.

If you live in or around the Charlotte area you know we’re facing a liquor shortage. The bad news is your brand of choice is likely already absent from shelves and is not coming back anytime soon. I went out to dinner on Saturday and the manager told us “good luck finding Tito’s, or Ketel One anytime soon.”

Casamigos and some other tequila’s is also hard to come by she told me. According to The Charlotte Observer, restaurants and bars can’t get their hands on “almost all” tequila, including Patron, 1800, Don Julio, and Jose Cuervo. Other states have also reported shortages of Malibu rum, Ciroc vodka, Jameson and Crown Royal whiskeys, and Woodford Reserve bourbon.

Please just keep sending the wine.