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I’ve been all over the Olympics this summer. I love competition. I love watching these top athletes from around the world compete for gold. That’s why I was shocked when I saw an athlete make a huge blender!

Coaches tell athletes they have to give one hundred percent until the contest is done. Well, Jamaican sprinter, Shericka Jackson learned why at the Olympics on Monday. After winning the bronze medal on Saturday in the women’s 100-meter dash, Jackson slowed down as she got close to the finish line in the 200-meter qualifying round, losing the chance to advance to the semi-finals by four-thousandths of a second to Italy’s Dalia Kaddari!!

After the race, the NY Post reported Jackson posted on her Instagram “Sometimes painful things can teach us a lesson that we didn’t think we needed to know.” The Post reported Australian track and field Olympian Tamsyn Manou said Jackson got “too cocky,” adding “You cannot do that at the Olympic Games.” Jackson’s slowdown cost Jamaica the chance to clean sweep the women’s 200-meter dash event.

NFL players have been guilty of showboating too. A few guys have slowed down and then are tackled before crossing the endzone. That’s always fun when you have money on the game!




Source: New York Post