Businesses either collapsed, barely survived or surged during the pandemic. The lottery was definitely the latter. The NC Education Lottery was very popular during the pandemic In fact it broke several records. The $936 million raised for schools during the past fiscal year was a record high. Lottery officials credit this to increased lottery play during the pandemic. There was a total of $3.8 billion worth of sales, which is also a new record. The lottery’s executive director Mark Michalko believes this increase is heavily due to the lack of entertainment options that were available during the pandemic. He does not expect the trend to continue this year.

Another cause for the increase could be the high Mega Millions jackpot back in January. That jackpot reached just under $1 billion. A new game was also launched called Fast Play, which offered instant wins. The NC Education Lottery supports school employees, construction, scholarships, pre-Kindergarten, as well as transportation. There are more than 7,000 places to play the lottery across North Carolina. Did you play the Nc Education Lottery during the pandemic? Did you win? Let us know! Get more info on where and how to play here.

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