Society is on the constant hunt to look younger, but some of your everyday habits may be aging you. According to the website Eat This, Not That!, scientific studies show that these things can physically make you look older.

Drinking Soda

One major culprit of aging someone is drinking soda. A study found that it affects a person’s metabolic functions. The authors of the study said, “Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas might influence metabolic disease development through accelerated cell aging.” They continued, “the extremely high dose of sugar that we can put into our body within seconds by drinking sugared beverages is uniquely toxic to metabolism.

Eating Sugary Foods

Also on the list is eating excessively sugary foods, which can make it much harder for our skin to repair itself. That means wrinkles!

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

In addition, drinking too much alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes inflammation within the body, which can make the face puffy or flushed.

Not Enough Sleep

Because sleep is a time when the body naturally has time to repair itself, if you are consistently not getting enough sleep, this will affect your body’s natural healing process and make you look older.


In another study, people who smoked regularly for 5 years or more were more likely to have frown lines, droopy eyelids, and bags under their eyes.

Too Much Sun. Not Enough Sunscreen

If you oftentimes don’t wear sunscreen, you may be getting too much sun, which can cause photoaging. This means your skin looks much older than it should.

Excessive Stress

If you find yourself feeling stressed out too much, or what seems like all the time, this can also make you look older. Excessive stress can not only cause a higher chance of certain diseases, but it can also make it harder for our skin to repair itself, similar to sugary foods.

Do you have any of these habits? Are you worried about aging?

Source: Eat This, Not That!

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