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Decision fatigue is when the brain in out of fuel. If you feel like a super human in your 20’s making your way though college exams, you might have felt those feelings. Decision fatigue is when we’re forced to make too many decisions over a short period of time. Starting the process of making a decision can get heavy if pressed up against the wall in a high volume workplace environment. The decisions get even harder when taking care of our aging parents when it comes to doing the right thing. There are several styles of kinds of decisions we’ll make which includes, strategic, tactical and operational. In what order to you prioritize your strategy?

What comes first for you? Your goal, consequences or weighing options, first?  Do you relax before making big decisions or eat up calories, first? Now believe it or not, meditating, reading or listening to books can be an option. Find things to relax your thought patterns while looking at the big picture.  More ways decisions are made below.

Strategic Decisions and Routine Decisions.
Programmed Decisions and Non-Programmed Decisions
Policy Decisions and Operating Decisions
Organizational Decisions and Personal Decisions
Individual Decisions and Group Decisions

First African American, one-woman syndicated radio host in the Southeast region for major broadcast networks. Over the past 23 years my passion and perseverance has lead me to reach and relate to demographics spanning, Sports stations, Country, Hip-hop, R & B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary & Top 40 radio stations. I have a unique way of setting the tone, and people feel comfortable telling their story,