World Hepatitis Day is celebrated today. No, this day is not celebrating getting the infectious disease. Inflammation of the liver caused by a virus is called viral hepatitis and today is about raising awareness. The five main types of viral hepatitis are A, B, C, D, and E. Hepatitis B and C are chronic diseases that cause serious liver damage, cancer, and death. World Hepatitis Day, one of the World Health Organization's officially mandated global public health days. This day actually takes place on the anniversary of the birth of Dr. Baruch Blumber who was the scientist that discovered the hepatitis B virus and developed a diagnostic test and vaccine for it. World Hepatitis Day provides an opportunity to increase awareness about hepatitis, especially about the importance of knowing one's hepatitis status and about treatment.

The world is a wild place and strange things are happening.

Each day is a blessing…but each day can be a little random and scary too. I always wake up being thankful for the day and I always wonder what strangeness is associated with it.

You might think I’m weird, but I find history fascinating because of the weird and scary things that happen. In this article, we’ll explore five bizarre occurrences that occurred on July 28th throughout history. So sit back, relax and enjoy the weird and strange facts in history.

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