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Shop window of the adult store Harmony promoting Lilly Allen's 'Womanizer' in Soho on 28th January 2021 in London, United Kingdom. Traditionally, this area of the West End has been the centre of the adult entertainment industry in London, UK with shops selling lingerie like this Harmony store. (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Oh my this is so funny and scary at the same time!!

CCTV footage from a sex store in Russia shows a man entering the shop, showing a small knife, and demanding money from the woman behind the counter, but she wasn’t in the mood to give in.

Instead, she responded to the demand by grabbing an 18-inch sex toy off the counter and beating the would-be robber over the head with it before chasing him out of the store. No money was taken and no injuries were reported, except for the robber’s pride; the video is going viral online.

Source: The Daily Mail