IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 19, 2019: 2 cans of Coors Banquet Beer on ice. Brewed solely in Golden, Colorado with Rocky Mountain water and Moravian barley.

I always love writing and talking about stories that could be the weekday pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed. And, today, I have another one. It starts out a little strange but it really will warm your heart.

A woman named Diane Nesselhuf from South Dakota lost her husband to cancer in 2016. At the time he died, they had been married for 45 years, just shy of their 50th anniversary.

At their wedding in 1971, some of Ed’s family were not able to come. Because of this, Diane and Ed traveled to Ed’s home state, Colorado, soon after their honeymoon. In the 70s, Colorado was one of the only places to buy Coors beer, so Colorado native Ed felt a connection to Coors.

Diane says he pulled out a Coors beer while they were in Colorado and told her he wanted them to share it on their 50th anniversary. So the one can of Coors followed them for 50 years, move after move and life change after life change.

How was the beer after 50 years?

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day of 2021, their 50th anniversary date and five years since Diane lost Ed to cancer. On the day of, Diane and Ben, their son, finally opened the 50-year-old beer and drank it in honor of Ed. They said the can was still carbonated after half a century, and Diane said she was surprised by how much flavor was still actually there.

According to Food & Wine, Ben said, “Any other day it would just be a beer but on that day, it was a very special beer.”

Eventually, Coors Beer heard of the story. They sent Diane a Coors beer-shaped anniversary cake that said: “Cheers to 50 years”. After a local news station tweeted out a picture of the cake, Coors replied to the tweet saying, “Diane, it’s an honor to have been part of your honeymoon and an honor to help you celebrate 50 years later. We hope you enjoy a very special anniversary gift from yours truly. Cheers from us at Coors Banquet.”

Do you anyone who was able to celebrate their 50th anniversary?

Source: Food & Wine

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