This video which shows bystanders keeping a fair ride from flipping is absolutely crazy. I love rides, I’ll go on the tallest, fastest roller coaster you can find. And even though I wouldn’t say I enjoy it’s I’ll even ride the teacup ride at Disney World. But fair rides I’m not a fan of. The whole concept of being torn down and rebuilt time and time again just doesn’t seem safe to me. That combined with the fact that most fair rides are some form of “spinning” attractions usually keeps my feet on the ground. And this video that recently went viral on TikTok completely illustrates why I am ok to never get on one again.

The video, which has been viewed over 47 million times shows the station platform of a fair ride rocking back and forth as the ride is in motion. As the momentum increased it looks more and more dangerous. Luckily a few bystanders rushed over and by using their body weight they were able to stabilize the platform. Many others joined them and the ride can be seen slowing down and assumed to eventually come to a stop. Without these brave individuals, we would have been watching a horrible video of the fair ride flipping. This quick thinking and selflessness no doubt saved the lives of those on the ride and anyone who would have been in the path of its fall.

If you invite me to the fair, I’ll happily eat the food, see the shows, and look at the animals but you won’t find me getting close to a ride. If that’s your objective let’s go to Carowinds or another theme park!