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The Olympics are different in many ways this year, but one thing that hasn’t changed? The Olympians are still on Tinder and regular people are still hoping to match with them.

According to Newsweek, a Tinder user shared his plan to make that happen in a TikTok video that’s gone viral with more than 6-million views and it inspired others to go for the gold with Olympic athletes themselves.

In the Tiktok clip, Reed Kavner explains, “I paid for Tinder Plus so I can swipe in the Olympic Village and date an Olympian.” He’s referring to Tinder Passport, a feature available to Tinder Gold users that allows them to set their location on the dating app to anywhere in the world, including Tokyo.

But the plan may have backfired because too many other Tinder users are jumping on the bandwagon. Lots of TikTokers have taken to the comments section to thank him for the “genius” idea and the official Tinder account even chimed in, “You’re not in the Olympics, but you’re winning the game.”

Source: Newsweek


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