Surprise them with an after-school snack: Most after-school snacks should be on the healthy side, but for the first day, perhaps some ice cream could be in order. For high school kids, maybe their favorite coffee drink.

Foodies are going to want to check out the new ‘dessert-board’ trend circulating on TikTok. The original viral video from @dwardcooks shows people how to make a board. It uses everything from chocolate chip cookies to mini marshmallows to ice cream sprinkles to waffle cones.


Why have a charcuterie board when you can have an ice cream board instead? #icecream #icecreamboard #summervibes #summervlog

♬ original sound - Ed - Dwardcooks

It also shows how to use a deep-sided baking tray filled with ice to keep the ice cream cold.

What are your favorite ice cream toppings? What would you include on your ‘dessert board’?

Source: Delish

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