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I’m learning that when it comes to giving your own dog a bath, it can still be quite the task no matter how well-behaved they are.  Zoe’s a good girl for the most part.  She still has cat food eating tendencies and when her nose touches the ground it’s as if you don’t exist.  One thing we’ve been trying to keep up with on a bi-weekly basis is bathing her.  On our first attempt, she wouldn’t put a single paw inside her little plastic pool.

The second time we bathed her I had to pick her up and put her in the pool.  I held her to keep her still and she put up with it.  We bathed her again over the weekend and while she was a little apprehensive at first, she walked right into that pool and was ready.  She even sat down in the pool which we felt was a success!  It could be worse.  She could be like this dog that just growls it’s little face-off during bath time. Actually this dog isn’t so little, haha.  Volume UP!