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I wish I could live alone, but the way my bank account is set up… Just kidding, but if you live in the Charlotte area, you know that renting is EXPENSIVE! Renting is even more expensive if you live alone.

Insider just published an analysis of a repot done by SmartAsset, a financial advice company, just looked at 100 cities when it comes to things like percentage of housing units with fewer than two bedrooms, average price, median earrings for full-time workers, unemployment rate, and cost of living to determine the best places to rent for singles.

Solo renters, here’s the top 10 most affordable cities:

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio
  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  3. Omaha, Nebraska
  4. St. Louis, Missouri
  5. Lexington, Kentucky
  6. Lincoln, Nebraska
  7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  8. Louisville, Kentucky
  9. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  10. Boise, Idaho

Unfortunately Charlotte did not make it on the top 10 list, although if you’ve ever looked at the prices of one bedroom apartments in Charlotte, that probably doesn’t come as too big of a surprise.