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Rodney Alcala is the American serial killer nicknamed for when he starred on “The Dating Game” in the 70s. On Saturday, he died of natural causes while sitting on Death Row for his crimes.

Primarily during the 1970s, Alcala killed at least 7 women as well as a 12-year-old girl.

In the middle of this active killing period, Alcala starred on an episode of “The Dating Game” which he won as “Bachelor No.1”. After he was convicted of several murders, the media nicknamed him “The Dating Game Killer”.

After the episode, the contestant who won the date with Alcala told the show she didn’t want to go. She said he was creepy and something felt off about him, so the date never happened. Investigators said this rejection might have been the stressor that led him to kill several more women after his tv appearance.

In 2010, Alcala was sentenced to death after being convicted of 5 counts of first-degree murder. Two years later, he got an additional 25 to life for the murders of two other women in New York.

Investigators suspect that Alcala committed crimes in many other states including Arizona, California, New Hampshire, New York, and Washington.

He was convicted of murdering at least 8 people, but there are speculations that he may have murdered up to 130 people.  He was 77 at the time of death.

Did you ever watch the episode that Rodney Alcala appeared on?

Source: The Washington Post

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