For many people buying a lottery ticket is part of their daily or weekly routine. Leonard Burch is one of those people. And finally that morning routine of stopping for coffee and scratch-offs on his way to work paid off. Leonard Burch stopped at the Highland Creek BP on Ridge Road last week and picked up a few scratch-off tickets. After not winning, he said something told him to try one more time. So he did. And that $20 ticket turned into a $100,000 prize. Burch told lottery officials that he had a “feeling” that the Ultimate 7’s ticket was going to be a winner.  After taxes he took home $70,756 which he has not come to a decision on how to use.

Ultimate 7’s is a relatively new game for the NC Education Lottery. It debuted in May and has top prizes of $2 million. There are still two $2 million and five $100,000 prizes out there to be won.

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