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As a kid of the 90s, I feel like I grew up with a lot of candy and snacks that were fairly new.  Once a week during first grade my Mom packed my lunch in my Micro Machines lunch box.  It was always the same meal;  a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips and Dunkaroos.  Recently I found out that Dunkaroos actually disappeared in 2012 but now they’re back!  You can actually buy them on Amazon!  After further research, there are a lot of candies and snacks you can buy on Amazon that are hard to find in stores.  Here are the five most popular snacks from the 90s you can buy on Amazon:

Ring Pops.  How many times did you propose or were proposed to by your elementary school crush?

AirHeads.  the “Mystery Flavor” was my favorite.

Little Hug Fruit Barrels.  These would be great with vodka now.

Big League Chew.  Ah, yes.  Chew like the pros for about 27 sec before this stuff started tasting terrible.

Gushers.  These would be awesome soaking in vodka.

My teeth wanted to fall out just from typing this blog, haha.

SOURCE: Delish