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I haven’t been to the beach this year but after watching this video, I’m completely fine with literally dipping a toe in the water whenever I go.  We’re two weeks removed from shark week and it seems as if sharks are getting closer and closer to our shores.  I think I also heard that shark biologists want us to start calling shark attacks “negative shark encounters.”  I have one experience encountering a shark.

I was in Charleston for a wedding in the early 2000s and some of us decided to go to the beach late in the afternoon.  We started walking into the water and as soon as we were all in up to our wastes, a 5 foot long grey shark started violently splashing it’s fin and swimming towards us.  We all booked it too shore and I’ve pretty sure we ran on top of the water.  I haven’t seen one in person since then and I’d like to keep it that way.  I definitely never want to come as close to encountering a shark as this guy did at a beach in Florida.