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Looking for a laugh? Amazon reviews are a surprisingly good source. Like this review for a banana slicer, that reads, “Gone are the days of biting off slice-sized chunks of banana and spitting them onto a serving tray…. Next on my wish list: a kitchen tool for dividing frozen water into cube-sized chunks.” And a mom has come up with an entertaining review for a dress she bought for her daughter that has us laughing, too.

You know it’s going to be good just from the title: “Recommended by the world’s worst mom.” She begins by explaining that she bought the leopard print dress for her “generally ungrateful and entitled 21-year-old daughter.” And the cheeky review continues, “It fit and looked great on her, and if she had refrained from her moodiness it would have had an even better effect.”

The mom gives the dress five stars, but her daughter? Not so much. “When I listened to her list my myriad of faults,” she writes, “this dress gave me some distraction to tune her out.” Nearly 3-thousand Amazon shoppers found the review helpful and many also seem to love it, like one who calls it a “five-star review indeed.” And another writes, “I would actually read Amazon reviews instead of just looking at the number of stars given if more were this creative.”

Source: Kidspot