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Cats can be very mischievous, and get in and out of some pretty tight spaces, but this one shocked me.

The Atascosa County Animal Control released a video on their Facebook of one of their cats escaping what they considered to be an “escape proof” cage.

The video shows the black cat poking their paw through the gage bars, and releasing the latch on the door to escape. The fact that the video is set to the Mission Impossible theme song only makes it that much better!


Cool Video....Every now and again we have above average pets that come thru the Atascosa County Animal Control... Such is the case with this resourceful cat. She figured out how to get out of our escape proof cages. Our Vet Tech Mallory put this video together and it fits perfectly. Thanks Mallory for your ingenious way of showcasing our pets. Keep up the good work..... You can see all our above average pets on our adoptable pets FB page. Just click on this link.... Atascosa County Animal Control adoptable pets

Posted by Atascosa County Animal Control on Tuesday, July 6, 2021


The mastermind cat is currently unnamed, but is up for adoption as the shelter. Something tells me when people see this adorable video, the cat will be adopted quick.


Adoptable (escape artist) Cat.......This female cat is now available for adoption. ID 6545

Posted by Atascosa County Animal Control adoptable pets on Thursday, July 8, 2021