As I told my boyfriend I was writing an article about babymoons he said, “What the hell is a babymoon.” Typical response. A babymoon is a holiday to celebrate the arrival of the baby and gives parents a chance to relax before the birth.

Similar to a honeymoon, but instead of spending time with your partner after getting married – you’re enjoying quality time together before your baby comes. Babymoon tourism has grown in popularity over the last few years, and with a boom in pandemic babies, it’s the perfect time to plan a domestic getaway before their arrival.

Experts at Next Vacay revealed that searches for “babymoons” are up by a whopping 233%. So who took the number one spot? Maui baby! With a mix of perfect beaches, volcanic landscapes, rich culture, and world-class restaurants, Maui takes the number one spot on our list. Whether you plan to take the road to Hana, take a dip in the Upper Waikani Falls, head to the beach or watch the sunset Haleakala, this is the perfect vacation in paradise before the baby.

With babymoon interest increasing 350%, Scottsdale, Arizona, is the second-best destination on our list. Scottsdale is the perfect getaway spot for you and your partner, whether you want to play golf, relax at the spa, or just immerse yourself in the city’s natural beauty, stunning architecture, and vibrant arts scene. Scottsdale is the perfect destination for couples seeking some much-needed TLC before their child is born.

Third, on the list is the Big easy! The crescent city is filled with romantic and fun things to do from exploring the French Quarter, viewing the stunning architecture, dancing to jazz music, or letting out your witchy side and embracing voodoo and folk magic. Last year I was actually supposed to visit New Orleans (thanks 2020) and it’s not hard to see why the charming city rounds off the top 3.

Here are the Top 10 Most In-Demand Babymoon Destinations

Rank City Increase in demand
1 Maui, Hawaii 600%
2 Scottsdale, Arizona 350%
3 New Orleans, Louisiana 350%
4 Oahu, Hawaii 300%
5 San Diego, California 256%
6 Newport, Rhode Island 200%
7 Santa Fe, New Mexico 200%
8 Asheville, North Carolina 200%
9 Charleston, South Carolina 180%
10 Lake Tahoe, California 175%
11 Savannah, Georgia 150%
12 Sedona, California 143%
13 Cancun, Mexico 133%
14 Key West, Florida 120%
15 Chicago, Illinois 120%
16 Nashville, Tennessee 100%
17 Monterey, California 100%
18 Outer Banks, North Carolina 100%
19 Nantucket, Massachusetts 75%
20 Cape Cod, Massachusetts 56%

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