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This moment is horrifying!

A viral TikTok is going around online that shows a man struggling to open his car door. Once he finally does open the door, a bear hops out.

Since the video was posted on July 12th, it already has over 20 million views.

The owner of the car, Joseph Deel, says he left his car unlocked, and later on him and his friends heard honking from the car. There was a lot of fog on the windows, so Deel wasn’t sure what was in the car but he quickly learned after opening the door that it was a black bear.


He then shared a video of the damage to the car.

Luckily the bear just got spooked and ran away in this instance, but I wouldn’t try this yourself! Believe it or not, the National Park Service’s website says bears often break into cars, so it really isn’t that uncommon.


Be careful out there!