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In this photo illustration, the TikTok app is displayed on an Apple iPhone on August 7, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Pudgy, also known as the “Owa Owa” dog, has had his death confirmed by his owner. Rumors of his death have been going around online for a while now, but it has finally been confirmed.

His last Tik Tok was posted on April 19th.

When the owner stopped posting, people, including myself, assumed he passed away due to old age. Turns out that’s not the case. Over the weekend, Pudgy’s owner posted a YouTube video titled “What happened to PudgyWoke?” In the video, it is revealed that Pudgy died after being bit by another dog.

A fan who had his dog on a leash, wanted Pudgy to meet his dog. Pudgy’s owner expected that the dogs would just sniff each other, but that just wasn’t the case because the man’s dog immediately bit Pudgy. Read the full story here.

Watch the full video below:

Owa Owa.