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Miami, FL, USA: April 2021: Grease The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture. Original motion picture soundtrack for the 1978 film Grease on vinly record LP.

Who else grew up watching Grease nonstop? I did, and I grew up in the early 2000s. So I think that shows how iconic Grease is.

It’s been quite a while since the last installment of Grease came out in 1982. And now, a brand new prequel has been scheduled to be produced by and released on Paramount+. They call it Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.

The classic 1978 film is finally getting a prequel to show where the Pink Ladies started. The prequel series will have 10 episodes and it’ll be set 4 years before the start of Grease.

But, before you watch, you need to know that all four of the original Pink Ladies as we know them (Marty, Rizzo, Jan, and Frenchy) will not be in the series. It will actually star four brand new Pink Ladies, who begin the legacy of “ruling the school”.

Grease (1978) - We're Gonna Rule the School Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

Rizzo (Stockard Channing) and the Pink Ladies arrive at Rydell for their first day as seniors.BUY THE MOVIE:

The series is created and written by Annabel Oakes, the writer for Atypical.

Paramount+ is working on a lot of other TV series offshoots for production, including Flashdance, Star Trek, and Love Story.

Who are your favorite Grease characters? Are you excited for this prequel series to come out? Have you ever been a Pink Lady for Halloween?

Source: Deadline

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