Funding for the big Charlotte-Atlantia high-speed rail has been put on hold. According to the plan, assembled by the Federal Railroad Administration and the Georgia Department of Transportation with input from North Carolina and South Carolina counterpart agencies and stakeholders, a high-speed 274-mile line would take passengers between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia in only three hours. How amazing would that be?

this type of high-speed travel was estimated to be based on using diesel-powered trains; converting to electric-powered trains would cut travel times to slightly more than two hours. However, this railway won’t be happening anytime soon due to financial reasons. Recommendations for a high-speed rail path between Charlotte and Atlanta include a hefty price estimate of $6 billion to $8 billion.

“The main hang-up is, ultimately, going to be money,” said David Carol, chief operating officer at the American Public Transportation Association, a Washington-based advocacy group and supporter of high-speed rail. “And the challenge there is where does that money come from.” Source WSOC-TV 

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