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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

A woman is sharing the clever way she got revenge on her husband after he cheated with their neighbor. In a TikTok video, Andrea Owen says she found out about her husband’s affair, which she long suspected and he denied, right before Valentine’s Day when she called him to confirm dinner plans and the “other woman” answered. It turns out, he’d been in a seven-month relationship with the neighbor, but instead of falling apart, she got creative with a pair of scissors.

Owen says she “cut a hole in every pair of underwear, shorts and pants he owned.” But her revenge didn’t stop there. She also left a note to drive the point home that read, “Since you can’t seem to keep your d**k in your pants, I thought I’d help you out.”

In a follow-up clip, she shares that she had been with her husband for 13 years at that point and they were ready to start a family before the news of the affair broke. And he wasn’t only gaslighting his wife about not cheating, he was lying to the neighbor as well, saying he’d filed for divorce and his wife was crazy. Owen shares that he went on to have a baby with the other woman, but when the truth finally came out, their relationship fell apart, too. She wraps her video up by saying, “Moral of the story, don’t be a lying cheat.”