Yes, you read that correctly. A rare corpse flower is about to bloom. The flower is named “Lupin” after the Harry Potter character. It is expected to bloom in late July or early August at NC State University. Where did the nickname “corpse flower” come from? Apparently, the flower produces a “repugnant odor” resembling that of a decaying corpse. But that’s not all, the flower heats up to human body temperature as it blooms. Lupin, or the corpse flower, has one of the largest blooms of any flower in the world.

The corpse flower was on NC State’s campus for 13 years before its first bloom, this will be the third time it has bloomed. The first time was in 2016, followed by 2019, and now the anticipated 2021 bloom. On average it will bloom every 3-7 years. People travel from all over to see the corpse flower. Interested in seeing it? NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will post a signup link for people interest in viewing and/or smelling Lupin. While it is expected to bloom in the coming weeks the exact date is not known. But that won’t stop the university from having a little fun. They are hosting a contest for people to guess when the bloom will occur. Winners will receive a prize pack and get a reservation to view to bloom in person.

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Source: ABC 11