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BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 27: Louis (L), 2, and his sister Clara, 4, cool off in the shallow pool with their parents at the Freibad Kiebitzberge outdoor public pool on July 27, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Central Europe is currently experiencing a heat wave that is predicted to bring temperatures to 40 degrees Celsius by tomorrow and in some regions will likely break local records. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A man swimming laps at a Metro Atlanta YMCA went into cardiac arrest and a pool alarm helped save his life.Gary Phillips was on lap eight when he felt a “twinge” in his heart and thought “this is a heck of a place to have a heart attack.” He blacked out and sank to the bottom of the pool, but he wasn’t there long because alarms started going off.

The YMCA uses a drowning detection system called Poseidon, which has cameras surrounding the pool from above and below the surface of the water. It constantly measures swimmers’ movements and if someone sinks or loses consciousness, the cameras signal the alarm if there are 10 seconds of no movement. Thanks to the alarm, lifeguards were immediately aware of Phillips’ being in danger and they rushed to help.

After pulling him from the pool, they performed lifesaving measures and called first responders. Their quick response helped save him and after his double bypass surgery, Phillips is now eager to get back into the pool. “Of all the places I could be to have something like that happen, this is the place to be,” he says. “I’m looking forward to coming back to swim. I’m feeling great, it’s great to be alive.”

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SOURCE: FOX5 Atlanta