The first season of Netflix’s Outer Banks series became an easy binge over quarantine when it first came out in April 2020. The action-adventure mystery teen drama scored over 70% on Rotten Tomatoes and hooked a lot of us into eagerly waiting for Season 2. I mean Season One did end with one of the biggest cliffhangers of all time. Will they find the treasure this season??

Now, finally, Season 2 is coming out on July 30th! And John B and Sarah are fugitives! What!!

Watch the trailer for it below:

OUTER BANKS Season 2 Official Trailer 2021 (HD) Netflix

OUTER BANKS Season 2 Official Trailer 2021 (HD) NetflixThe treasure belongs to the pogues. Let's get after it. Outer Banks S2 premieres July 30, only on Net...

Are you excited for season 2 of Outer Banks? Who’s your favorite character of the series?

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