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NEW YORK - APRIL 23 (PHOTO ILLUSTRATION): Salt and pepper shakers are seen in a diner April 23, 2009 in New York City. New York City's health department is discussing regulating the amount of salt used in restaurant food. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Airlines aren’t the only ones reeling with unruly and rude patrons.

A Massachusetts restaurant owner is sending a message for riled up diners to chill. Brandi Castellano owns Apt Cape Cod in Brewster, and she says her restaurant has struggled with supplies since reopening and angry patrons are “crossing the line.” So much so, that her staff has been brought to tears.

She mentioned that one diner told a worker that “I hope you get hit by a car when you leave work today.” So, she shut her restaurant down for a day, calling it a treat to the staff as a “Day of Kindness” free from the abuse of unruly patrons.

Castellano posted about the closure on the eatery’s website and says she’s received support from servers seeing similar treatment all over the country.

A takeaway for us? We need to be kinder to everyone!

Source: WHDH