Released June 22, 2001.

Ever see a sequel of a movie and you think to yourself, “Yeah, they should’ve stopped with the first one”? A Reddit user began a thread where many people added the movie franchises that should’ve stopped with the first movie.

See if you agree with all, some, or none of these!

  1. Taken

  2. Independence Day

  3. The Human Centipede

  4. Hotel Transylvania

  5. Highlander

  6. The Hangover

  7. Despicable Me

  8. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  9. Home Alone

  10. Cars

  11. Transformers

  12. Saw

  13. Divergent

  14. The Land Before Time

  15. The Fast and the Furious

  16. Jaws

Here are some of my personal thoughts on this list:

  • Do NOT agree with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because the ending leaves open so much to interpretation. I think it leaves too much open to where you need a sequel.
  • Definitely agree with Jaws. After the first Jaws, it goes downhill FAST and I feel like the rest of the franchise was a waste of time and money since they flopped. I mean, how many Spielberg movies can’t stand on their own? Right?!
  • Also agree with Despicable Me, which was a masterpiece by itself. But, I do see the appeal of a sequel because of the likeability of all the characters.
  • I read the Divergent books, so I can’t see Divergent without several sequels to it. I don’t think it could stand alone, since there is so much to unpack about the society they live in.
  • Saw is a perfect example of a franchise that wayyyy overdid it as far as sequels go. As much as Jigsaw is an iconic horror movie figure, the series completely loses who exactly the character is and what his motives are. It gets worse and worse with each movie.

Tell me which movie franchises you agree with! Email me at

Source: BuzzFeed

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