There has been a lot of big news out of Raleigh today. However, in my, completely biased opinion, this is the most exciting. This afternoon NC State University introduced their new live mascot Tuffy III. The previous mascot Tuffy II passed away last October. Tuffy is the 4-month-old son of the original Tuffy mascot. The live mascot, despite the team name Wolfpack, is a Tamaskan dog. Tamaskan’s are a combination of German Shepard, Alaskan malamute, and Siberian Husky. The news was teased on social media yesterday with this adorable shot.

The first Tuffy mascot debuted in 2009 after fans all but demanded the school’s first live mascot since the 1970s. Tuffy quickly became a fan favorite and a fixture at sporting events, running the field at every football game and posing for countless photos. He resides with parents Lisa and Joe Downey. I can’t wait to meet this adorable puppy and see him take the field for the first time!

Hanging with his new BFFs!

Don’t mind me I’ll just be here looking at these adorable pictures of such a good boy.