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Remember the highly dangerous zebra cobra that went missing in a Raleigh neighborhood? Well, the owner is now facing dozens of charges from the event after it was determined the snake had actually been on the loose for months.

21-year-old Christopher Michael Gifford was charged with 40 misdemeanors last week after the capture of his missing zebra cobra. He is accused of multiple violations of state regulations in connection to his ownership of snakes.

Of those 40 misdemeanor charges, 36 are for keeping various venomous snakes in plastic containers without any locks, according to Raleigh police. He also faces 3 charges for mislabeling snake containers and the remaining charge was for not notifying law enforcement when the zebra cobra escaped. His attorney said he is remorseful and understands the danger he put people in by not reporting the snake missing. Gifford is set to appear in court August 6.

SOURCE: DailyMail