The dating app Bumble is opening their first cafe and wine bar for app users to visit in New York. The cafe will be called Bumble Brew and it’s set to open on July 24th.

Since Bumble allows women to make the first move, this branded cafe will serve as a safe place where women can meet up with potentials partners or friends.

The cafe comes from the partnership between Bumble Inc. and Pasquale Jones from Delicious Hospitality Group.

The original plan was for the restaurant to open in fall of 2019 in New York City’s SoHo. But, when the pandemic hit, plans changed.

At first, Bumble Brew was to serve “date-friendly” food. This means anything that could be embarrassing to eat on a first date (like spaghetti) was left off the menu. But now, the vision for the cafe has morphed into a place where people can get out of the house and have a nice time with potential friends or partners. This could mean something as simple as coffee before lunch or as fancy as a $20 dinner plate and a glass of wine.

According to Bloomberg, Bumble Inc. is expecting great success with the opening. Their research has shown them that “nearly 90% of Bumble users in the U.S. who selected first-date preferences are ready to date in real life again.”

Although the restaurant will eventually offer lunch and dinner, they are starting with only serving breakfast. Lunch will begin July 31st and dinner with begin August 7th.

Find more information on the first of Bumble’s cafes here.

Would you visit the Bumble Brew? Do you prefer coffee dates or a nice night out to dinner?

Source: Bloomberg

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